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Fresh farms product directly to your home

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About us

Fresh supplies from Bangladeshi farms.

One of the best thing living in Bangladesh that there is no shortage of agricultural farms. Poultry, hatcheries, paddy fields, and vegetable gardens along with rivers and low lands make the country stunningly green. So why buy from markets when you can have fresh supplies at home.

Farms direct is exactly doing that. An online fresh farms supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh is teaming-up with farmers, poultries and fisheries to supply nearby residents with fresh products directly from where these are grown. If you live in and around Dhaka city, please stay tuned and we should be coming to your area shortly.



You can order your chosen supplies from anywhere online.

Home Delivery

We'll deliver the products to your home at a competative price.

Pick 'n Choose

We'll be teaming-up with multiple farmers so that you can choose your favorite one.


There are plenty of markets in and around Dhaka city, so what is our specialty? Well, we like think in terms of service and quality of supplies. We aim to deliver fresh supplies within Dhaka city on the same day for dairy milk and other similar products.

Plus, we will be cutting the middle man, so the farmers will get their fair price and the consumer will save money and time. The time that gets waisted on traffic then may be utilized for other productive tasks.

It is very difficult to get all the best deals and supplies from the same super markets. Here at farms direct, one can pick and choose their favorite items and customize their daily requirement. We are on continuous search for the best farms and healthy products.

Multiplying the travel costs and time, to and from the larger markets, an average family should be able to save at least 20% of their monthly expenditures for groceries only.


If you live in Bangladesh, please let us know if you are interested to avail our services. We are working towards building a network of sincere farmers that grows high quality food products to deliver the best.

We welcome your early feedback for any special item that you think we should consider sourcing and include in our offerings. Thank you.